Picture of Joel Drapper

Hey, I’m Joel, a developer, climber, christian stoic, and advocate for ethical design and human rights online.

I’m a quiet chap who enjoys reading, writing, climbing, and spending time with my amazing family. I’m married to Becca, and we have two little boys, Elijah and Gideon.

I’m the maker of Ramble, a simple encrypted journaling app with a focus on privacy and sustainability.

I’m passionate about making web software that helps people and doesn’t exploit them. Ethical design puts people’s needs first. It should be:

  1. Functional — solve a problem well.
  2. Accessible — treat everyone equally.
  3. Fast — respect people’s time.
  4. Focused — respect people’s attention.
  5. Secure — respect people’s privacy.
  6. Obvious — help people get things done.
  7. Delightful — give people joy.
  8. Sustainable — peace of mind.

The design of the code behind the scenes requires every bit as much attention and respect. Good code is good communication; it should be clear and concise, written primarily for the person who reads it next.

I usually work with Ruby, Rails, CoffeeScript, Turbolinks, PostgreSQL, Redis, NaCl, and sometimes a bit of Crystal.

Contact Me

Feel free to message me on Twitter at @joeldrapper, or email me at [email protected].

I’m also on Signal and WhatsApp at +44 7588 072627.

Joel climbing a rock face.